Saturday, November 24, 2012

Layout and a twine flower tutorial


Today I'm sharing my layout from Scraptastic Kit Club.  


My layout is based on a sketch from our sketch artist Heather. I love how easy her sketch was. It actually took me longer to find pictures than to make the layout.

Notice the flower with the blue petals (shown below),  I used pieces of the bling and backed them with the leaves from the Farmer's Market kit.

Are you ready to get a little creative and make your own twine flowers?

This month in the Farmer's Market kit we received Twine from Lawn Fawn; orange, teal, and brown. These flowers are simple and fast...perfect for the busy scrapbooker!


Here are my Step by Step Directions:

Step 1:
Punch out 2 circles from cardstock (I used Kraft). 

These are about 3/4 inch. The size all depends on the size of flowers you want. 

Step 2: 
Cut the twine 2.5 inches long. You'll need between 8 (simple flowers) and 16 (fuller flowers) pieces of twine.

Step 3:
Dab some glue onto the one of the circles. I used Zip Dry and the glue gun (just pick one). If you use the glue gun be prepared for stringy pieces to clean off the twine when you are finished.

Step 4:
Use 1 piece of twine at a time, make a loop and stick to the glue. Keep going around until you get the look you want. Each petal will lay differently from the next. Embrace it, nothing is perfect in nature!

Step 5: 
Once you have all the petals down add a dab of glue the other circle to create a 'sandwich'.

Step 6:
Now you are ready for the center of the flower! You'll need a length of twine. I did not measure it only because I think each center will be a little different. Start by knotting the end and trimming off any excess.

Step 7:
Add glue to the center of the cardstock. I liked the Zip dry for this part. It gives you a little more working time than the hot glue would. Start in the middle with the knot and go around and around until you get to the end. Trim off excess.

Step 8:
When you are finished with the center the flower should look like this. If you used the hot glue be prepared to clean up any fly-a-ways. Which I did after I took this picture, sorry about that.

The finished flowers (using the measurements I suggested), will be around 2.25 inches.

These are the 4 twine flowers I made. 

Give them a try. You'll be surprised how fast and easy they are. I think adding some glitter to the middle would be a nice touch too, or spray glitter over the entire flower. The best part is they cost pennies to make and you make them to match your project. You know if a manufacture sold them a set would be at least $3.99 and up.

Have a great day!