Saturday, May 14, 2011

I should probably up date this blog...

Jeepers, really March 28 was my last blog post. Where has time gone? I'm still here, doing well.

The last couple months have been busy. We have done a lot of home remodeling, a little construction, lots of decorating and next is the roof shingling also adding on a porch, throw in a surgery back in April and recovery into the mix there and that was my last month and a half.  It seems like April/May are busy months in the first place with graduations, Easter, school trips, communion parties, oh and a garage sale I'm working on for next weekend.

As for scrapbooking goes...I have been organizing and purging (for the garage sale this weekend), I joined Scrapbook Generations monthly kit club, I bought a silhouette (YIPPY!) and also joined the silhouette store with the monthly package deal.While I was in bed recovering I watched every single video on 2 pea's and learned a lot of fun stuff (ah hum...the need for a silhouette). Now you ask have I actually scrapbooked?...that would be a big fat NO. But that didn't stop me from buying, buying and buying. I found a new online store called My Scraps and More-they have awesome sales and all my favorite products. Then I bought a couple of those Scrapbook Generations sketch books.

Let's see what else, I have spend more time in the home improvement stores then I ever thought possible learning about all the cool things that can be done in your house. So fun! I have hung drywall, painted, watched my dh put all new lights in our house, watched my dh texture the drywall, stained modeling, learned everything about toilets that I never "needed" to know, picked out more paint sample then I ever thought possible of just 1 color, I asked my dh which one looks better and he says they are all the, no honey, they aren't they are all different shades of tan. We are defiantly do-it-yourselvers!

So, tell me what you have been up to! What have I missed?

I promise to scrapbook soon...I have to now that I have a new fun toy to play with, not to mention a ton of new products!

See you later...