Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Guest Designer for Polka Dot Whimsy

A few months back Michelle was asked if I'd like to guest design for Polka Dot Whimsy. I had purchased a few kits in the past so I knew it would be a great kit. The pieces Michelle includes in her kits are fun, whimsical.

The "perfect" scrapbook kit for me is one that includes, one-of-a kind items, vintage pieces, ribbons/trim/fabrics (that are at least 12 inches!), lots of buttons, pattern paper (all mixed from different manufactures but coordinate perfectly), a alphabet in a fun font/color, and embellishments. This kit has it all!

I created 3 layouts and a card.


look at the yummy fabric and trim!!!


and the card

The Design Team Gallery will be up shortly! Because the products are so new, there was just a bit of a delay for the DT's work.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm shoutin' it from the roof tops!!!!!!

The most incredible thing happened this week and I'm so grateful. I will be joining the Design Team at Creative Imaginations!!!!

I couldn't wait to share this fabulous news with everyone, I'm so excited!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sneak time!

As you may know A Kiss on the Chic will reveal a fabulous kit on March 1st!

I have a couple peeks I'd like to share until them!

Did you happen to catch all the butterflies? I just love butterflies, I have a lovely collection of punches, chipboard shapes, diecut tools and butterfly paper! For more details on the kit please A Kiss on the Chic for updates and more peeks from the design team!

I have some wonderful news to share later this week, be sure to stop back and check it out, it's super exciting!! I also will be guest designing for a kit company this month too. Something wonderful happened with a MLS layout. My 2 layouts for the online mag should be published this week. In fact I have so many wonderful things to share I don't know where to start! So stay tunned!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Are you up for a challenge?

If you are, please join us at BlueMoon! As you view the project, think about this... live in a rural county, in fact so rural the closest scrapbooking store is many miles away and you get the chance to shop only once in a while. You shop online normally at BlueMoon Scrapbooking! On a whimsy, your neighbor says, "I'm going to town, want a lift?" Well, you hop in and the neighbor says, "I'll drop you off and pick you up in a bit." Fabulous!-except you have been dropped off at the hardware store with only cardboard shapes, nuts and bolts, wire and mesh available. Time to push the creativity button as you work with the supplies from the hardware store.

For the challenge we used the Donna Salazar Cardboard Shapes and any other hardware store items we had. I also used Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints. By just mixing a few colors you can get some really pretty colors. I just love the way these paints mix. In the past I have used the cheap $.50 paints from the craft store, when I'd mix, I'd get mud. When I'd paint I have to go over the spot 4-5 times before I got the look and coverage I wanted. Talk about alot of wasted time in-between drying times. I have said it before (when I did my art journaling project) and I'll say it again, these are the paints to invest it. You don't need alot, you don't need 5 coats. On Claudine's site, they have a color mixing chart. Just print this out and stick it in your paint box.

On my project I used colors which coordinated with my daughter's bedroom. Let me tell you she loves this project. She even asked if I could make a bigger one.

For the sun I used a round cardboard circle and a straight scalloped edge and just by bending and stapling I ended up with my sun shape. Cardboard is very forgiving too! I painted it a sunny yellow, sprinkled with yellow glitter and outlined it in yellow stickles. For the cloud, same idea-I mixed a pretty blue paint color together, blue glitter and stickles.

I used some magic mesh on the inside part. The mini paperclips by Tim Holtz are perfect to hold my little pictures in place. I just slid one end in the mesh and they stay in place.

of course, I need a hanging piece and since I was in a "hardware" store, wire was available. To get this effect I started out with a length of 16 inches or so. Used a pencil and wrapped it around the wire about 3 times, slide 3-4 beads on and again repeat with the wrapping the wire around the pencil. Do this until you reach your desired hanging length.

Can you see all the layering on this piece?

These "sweet memories" are some stickers from My Little Shoebox, they are included in the mini alpha's!

I thought the cardboard shapes would be cute hanging off the bottom, I used the same wire technique as before. To attach them, I poked a hole through the cardboard pieces and wrapped the end around a bit so it wouldn't slip through. I wanted these pieces to look a little tattered so I scrapped some of the top coat of cardboard off to show off the corrugated areas.

I was going to share with you step by step pictures, but I start painting one night and forgot all about it. However, I can share my original idea, I just kept moving pieces around until I got the outlined shape. The bottom piece is a flat piece of cardboard, I painted it pink, attached the magic mesh to it and trimmed around the edges. I cut the left/right and top/bottom cardboard edges to fit perfectly and went back to paint them, after they dried I attached it together with wet glue. While that dried I played with the wire and formed the 3 dangling pieces and the top hanger piece. I put it all together to get the finished piece.

So go ahead make a trip the "hardware" store and get ready to play with Donna's cardboard shapes! It don't have to be a project, it can be a layout too. Go play & have fun and when you done, post it in the BlueMoon Gallery so we can see it!

Have a Great Monday and don't forget to visit the Store, there are lots of NEW CHA products arriving daily!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm sooo excited!!!

Can you imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and check my email, still half asleep and this is the first on I open?

Scrapbook News and Review picked up 2 of my layouts!!!!!

I'll let you know when are published!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A BlueMoon Monday

It's week #3 of the Natural Living kit! Time sure goes fast.

There were so many beautiful Basic Grey papers in the kit I wanted to showcase them all, but if I layered them, it might get overwhelming. I figured the best way was to use 3x3 inch squares of each piece and get the quilt effect. This layout will be a wonderful addition to my family album, such a perfect way to showcase so many pictures!

To make the letters pop, I used a white pen and outlined the Basic Grey alpha's. I don't know about you, but I have tried white pen after white pen. Sometime I can get it work for a while and they quit. Some pens dry up and some just don't work on certain types of paper. I think I have found a true and tried white pen. My white pen of choice is the SOUFFLE-3D OPAQUE PEN. After the ink dries, the ink comes out in a raised embossed look and really pops!

Check out the detailing on the felt embellishments!

and of course, I can't have a page without stitching. Notice the brown and green thread. This is what's happens when you forget to change the bobbin thread color. I guess we'll call this a happy mistake because I like the end result-give the thread more texture.

Next week is our Monthly Challenge at BlueMoon. and I have to say I have a great time with it ! I'll share 1 ity bity peek of my project...

Can you figure out what the challenge is from this peek?

See you later!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Creative Imaginations...take 2!

On the Creative Imaginations blog, they are having a contest, so I decided to try it again. Last month I used the only papers I had, so I ran to the only "craft" store we have and spend $3.76 on paper. I will say this is probably the most economical layout I have ever done. (Well, until you add in the 6 colors of stickles I used. LOL!) But, you gotta have SpRaKle and bLiNg!!!

Here are some close-ups...

This is layout is based off this sketch!

Thanks for looking and if you would stop by and see it in the gallery: Here's the LINK!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's game time

For the month of February the Design Team will be playing a little game over that the My Little Shoebox blog. There will be lots of prizes and fun! You will also get to know each DT member a bit better by our interviews.

Just head on over to the blog!

Today we have 4 design team members and the owner, Helen playing little baby picture matching game. Can you figure out who's who?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday at BlueMoon...

I'm on week 2 of using my Natural Living kit at BlueMoon Scrapbooking.

I called this layout, love for water. I really enjoyed using the Basic Grey papers and embellishments. The flowers and felt embellishments are so easy to use and make a huge impact on a page.

What do you do when you get a letter sheet that only has one "f" on it...You get crafty that's what you do! I cut around the leftover part of the letter and used the negative portion. Over at the BlueMoon DT Blog, I mentioned about adding some wet glue and mirco beads by doing this it will really make the title pop out off your page.

The Basic Grey doily paper is just so pretty. Using bits and pieces of it will really stretch it out and you'll be able to use on it a couple layouts. I tucked just a piece into the corner, rolled the edge and stitched it down for some added detailing.

Make sure you check out the store, they are getting loads of boxes everyday of all the new products from CHA. If you see something you want and they don't have, let them know. They might just able to get or it might be on the way already. Just give them a quick phone call or an email. They love talking to their customers!

I have to point out the Dear Lizzy Line (my favorite! and get her book, it's awesome!), Webster's Pages, Cosmo Cricket and I could go on and on...Just check out this link for the list of NEW, NEW, NEW products! PS...Don't forget free shipping after a $50 purchase! (Just think of all the extras you can buy without paying for shipping!)

Have a wonderful Monday!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

These are the rest of the layouts

from last weekends crop...

The 1st one is called, Find the beauty in nature. I must really have a thing for adding tree's and clouds to my layouts because it seems like I do that a lot.

I decided I'm going to stitch on the clouds and make them have more texture. This is what happens when you go to a crop and leave the sewing machine at home.

Cute little deer and mushrooms!

and more woodland animals...I love little cute animals

check out my flowers, I made them have roots. I just keep messing with the ribbon till I pulled the bottom layer, gotta love the little details~

This one is called, freshly squeezed. One day Kaden said, "Mom, I want some juice." I said ok, thinking he was gonna grab a juice box. 10 minutes later I hear him say..."It's a juicy one!" Wondering what he's talking about, I walk in to find this...

When you are far from home and you only have unmatching lime green alpha's, what do you do? I grab a black marker and start coloring!

I love fabric flowers! Super easy to make, cute cut circles, hotglue together and stick a button in the middle.

Next, we have Chillaxin'...just put your feet and sit back!

I was hand stitching this layout at the crop and a couple ladies came up to, like I was nuts stitching on my page. Believe it or not, they never seen anyone sew on their pages and they couldn't believe I spend 30 some minutes sewing my page. I think now that I'm home. I use my machine and add more details to these pages. I just love the look of a sewing machine.

and those dang cute animals. I really wish I knew who made them, I used the alligator, the green dog and now the teal dog. All I have left is a Blue Elephant (No idea where that's going to go)

My son had some photo's from a science fair in the 6th grade. I used 2 of them, cut 2 of them apart and used them as embellishments for this page. The award he won is somewhere in a box. As soon as I go through 6th grade papers, I'll attach that to this page for his school album.

The "Lite Up" is a picture of the poster they made. I cut it out and used it.

and last but not least, inspired by Donna Downey (and her wonderful kits). Not exactly done, but again, this is what happens when you leave the sewing machine at home during a crop. LOL!

I guess that's all I have to show you. Now, I need to unpack all my stuff and start a new project Have a great weekend!!!