Friday, October 31, 2008

My little cuties

Trick-or-treating came quick and went fast! We had sooo much fun and a lot of candy, soda, pencils and notebooks to show for it.

I just wanted to post my little Halloween cuties. They really enjoy dressing up each year and trick-or-treating. Although Khila dresses up almost daily (she's such a little diva). She dressed up as Hannah Montana.

Scott made Brandon's headless horseman costume and did a great job. He received many complaments throughout the nights. I thought it would be a cool picture to have him jump on the tractor and look like he was driving it.

And don't forget my little horsey, so soft and cuddley!

We went trick-or-treating with some friends and their little boy, Ethan. He was funny I never seen a child eat so much candy at one time. He went from a slow-I'm not sure about this speed to a fast pace, run as fast as you can go speed.

The kids had a great time, I think even the adults enjoyed it too. With the temps in the 50's it made the perfect weather to be running from door to door and did I mention NO rain?!?!?!?!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Here's my layouts from A Kiss on the Chic ( This kit rocked! It is so full of shiney bling. I with you could see these in real life. The photos don't do the sparkle justice. Make sure you stop by Laura's blog TODAY and see all the goodness. These kits are sure to impress!

I just finished these little projects up last night. One is a card and envelope and the other is a little paper mache' heart I painted and decorated. It will be cute on the Christmas tree or just hanging on the wall.

This is gonna be short and sweet today but before I go, I would like to wish all my scrapping friends a Happy Halloween. We should be getting ready to trick-or-treat shortly. But first I have to get Hannah Montana ready with the hair and make up ( I need that personal assistant for her, very high maintance :) ). I'll be sure to grab a bunch of photos!

Have a great night everyone and don't forget to stop and shop at A Kiss On the Chic!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

being sneaky...

Here's a couple sneaks from the A Kiss on the Chic November kits. I'm working with the "Christmas is coming to Town" kit.

I will post the full layouts tomorrow as the sun sets at 5:30 now (yikes, right!). I need daylight to take the pictures to get the full effect of the sparkle!

The members should be getting the links tonight so they can view and purchase and the most sparkiest Christmas kit ever and/or a beautiful fall kit. Don't forget to grab some of the fun add-ons. These kits are packed with a lot of fun, out of the ordinary scrappy supplies. I had a lot of fun working with the glass shards-yep, real pieces of crushed "shiny" glass.

Stay tuned to Laura's blog ( to find out how you can purchase a kit! They will be available to the public on November 1st. If you are a member you get to shop earlier! Also don't forget to check out the gallery on A Kiss on the Chic website and see the other eye candy the DT made. There are some amazing albums loaded with fun stuff! Here's a link for you:

Now on a Halloween note: I have to say running around town (the night before you need it, nonetheless) for Hannah Montana hair is almost impossible. Is every little girl going to be Hannah Montana or what? Seriously, last week the stores were full of it and today ummm, very limited. Just 3 more days til Trick-or-Treating. Let's just hope it don't snow or rain, I can handle the 50 degree weather but rain, costumes and children running everywhere just don't go together

On my agenda for tomorrow: scrapping, scrapping and scrapping!!!! First I have to send the kids to school all dressed in their costumes. I can barely get them out fully dressed, backpacks packed and feed and now I have to do a Hannah Montana make-up job and hair (where is her make-up artist and personal hairstylist when you need one?), get a headless horseman ready and 1 little little pony all before 8:00.

I hope to play with the art journal a little more tomorrow, this week we are working on photo collages and getting more into the actual journaling part of it and the hidden meanings behind the art page. It looks fun!

Have a good Tuesday night!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The inside pages

Gettin' ready to paint!

These are the inside pages of my art journal. I have to say it looks a lot easier then it really is. I can see why there are steps to this that must be followed (I learned this by trial and error...ok, lots of error). My first couple pages turned of to be "muddy" looking. After reading the instructions a little better I learned you have to let each coat of paint dry completely (completely is the key word here) before moving on to the next layer of paint. (I learned, I really don't have the patience to each layer dry completely.)

I tried to make them bright and vibrant, but those just are not my colors. By nature, I like natural and muted colors and that is the way my pages turned out, which is good because this is my journal, my pages, my book to do as I wish with.

I can see how the textured gesso falls into place here, the more texture the better. (again learned by trail and error)

After the pages are painted and completely dried it's time for sandpaper, I love the way the texture comes to life with the sandpaper.

I learned that I need alot more practice at this. I ended up doing 22 pages (11 both sides) and only liked 3 of them.

I can't wait for Monday. Week 2's assignment will be up (and secretly I hope it don't include painting). We are going to keep building on these pages to make our mixed media art journals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gettin' my hands dirty

and everything else for that matter. I'm lovin' this art journal class I'm taking over at Debbie Hodge's site. The teacher Dina Wakley is amazing. She is so into helping her students with questions and concerns as well as teaching them. She even demostrates on a video so we can see all those hands on techniques.

It's amazing how you can take something so white and new and make it your own. Like this cover for instance.

I decided on my own to go ahead and make a cover. It wasn't part of our assignment but I just couldn't leave the cover grey and boring. It needed something! I added extra cardboard for texture, some gesso, a bunch of paint, pattern paper, glue (lots of glue), ink and I went to town with it. It was a lot of fun and boy were my hands dirty (and my clothes, the table and the floor!)

Here's the cover (so far, I'm known to go back and and change and redo stuff) It's suppose to look like a side view of a tree, I have decided to add more leaves to the top after seeing the picture posted here (remember I'm new at this):

Here's some close-ups of the cover. These are the leaves, I stamped then embossed them, crinkled them up for texture and glued them down.

This is part of the tree. I love, love the details. I used the gesso, while it was wet used stamps. Waited for that to dry then sanded it a bit and added stain and paint to get the details. It almost looks real (and it looks a lot better in real life than this photo)

Here's a close up of some words I put on it. I used a Tim Holtz stamp, cut it apart and glued it down, adding some vintage sheet music (that my friend in Michigan [Hi Peg] was so kind to find for me at an antique store). I distressed to make it look really old.

So that's that! I can't wait to get to the inside, but right now out assignment is to gesso the pages and make lots of texture on them. It's a lot of fun finding stuff around the house. So I far I used the bottom of Brandon's shoe, Kaden's Lego's, cake decorating tools and so much more. I'm think Zoey's (the dog) paw print would be cute too, I don't think she'll go for putting her paw in the gesso though. Here's what the inside looks like so far (a definate work in progress):

Using this stuff (Gesso).

Well that's it for the art journal for now. I'll post more when I get to the inside pages.

On, a side note I should be getting my design team kit this week from A Kiss on the Chic and I'll be working on that during the weekend and into early next week. You really need to check out Laura's blog and see the eye candy that is in November's kits. Here's a link to here blog:, there are 2 different kits so check them both out.

Another side note, many of know my Brother Mike is in Iraq, he is how OUT of Sadr City and back to Taji (a much safer area). We are hoping he'll be home in time for Thanksgiving, as we all miss him very much. (Hi Mike!)

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping in. I can't believe I have had over 600 visitors in just about a month. Please leave a comment and say hi, I would love to hear from you!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Feeling a little crafty today

Out of the blue I just decided to make flowers. Not knowing really what I wanted to do exactly I tried a couple different kinds.

My favorite by far are these vintage looking ones I made. The fabric was 50% off and for a yard (which costed $.85) I made 6 flowers. How's that for a budget buster! I really should go get more of this fabric, there were many different styles and colors. I think they would look awesome tea died, for that really vintage look.

Then I made these layered flowers. Just kept cutting different fabrics, felt and tulle and hot glued each layer together adding a button in the middle for detail. I wanted them to look a little tattered around the edges.

Then I made these yo-yo flowers. I wasn't really trying to make them, they just sorta happened. I just started sewing the fabric and ta-da a yo-yo was made. I think these would be really pretty with some Christmas fabric and a pearl in the middle (not a real pearl silly, this is embellishments for the budget buster). Or some really pretty velvet fabric with a pearl center.

Those are all I have for now. Have a great Columbus Day!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A little scrappiness!

Yesterday, I put a few things aside and made time to scrap. Four pages in one day is quite a bit for me. Here's a peek if you are interested!

Thank for looking! Btw, this kit was from All Moments Remembered, ( It was their awesome July kit. I hope to get some more layouts done this week.

Remember that Art journal class I talked about a couple weeks ago? It's getting closer to the start date. I have been browsing the internet for ideas. There is still room if you want to join the class. Here's a link! (

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A great fall day!

We celebrated fall today! The weather was perfect-perfect sweater weather! You really couldn't ask for a better day. We went downtown for the annual fall festival on the main street. They always have a bunch of activities going on such as: farmer's market, petting zoo, trolly (bus) rides, kids games and activites, food and a little shopping.

They had a little petting zoo! The little animals were so cute! They had little duckies, bunnies, pigs and goats. We liked the soft little baby bunnies the most!

We stopped off for lunch and had some really big pizza-very good too!

We stopped off at the farmer's market area. I bought some of that colorful Indian corn and a couple gourds for fall decorations.

We drove out to the pumpkin patch. A great day to pick pumpkins!

We went through the straw maze, walked through the not so haunted-haunted house and took a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins.

Yes, Brandon's pumpkin is green! I'm not sure why he wanted a green one, but I bet it will make for an interesting jack o' lantern.

That's all the photos for now. I can't wait to get all picture I took today scrapped!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A couple layouts!

Here are a couple DT projects for A Kiss on the Chic I made using the with some of the products in kit #2.

This is a picture from (can you believe it) 2006! Boy time goes fast!

and this one, a picture from 2005 (where does the time go?):

and last but not least, a cute little felt mini book. It's a story about Kaden's trip to the pumpkin patch and carving his pumpkin:

Here are some of the inside pages:

Thanks for looking! Here's a link for you (, go and take a peek at the all of the DT's work! The gallery so spooky cute!