Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shop til you drop!

I have gone to many craft fairs, but none like this. Warrens cranberry fest rocks! Located in Wisconsin it is one of the largest in the US. I can't believe I waited this long to go.

A little Friday road trip starting out at 4:00am! We start out the day with my sister-in-laws little mishap with the alarm clock which sets us a bit. No biggie!--we actually laughed about all day. We picked up the rest of our crew and head out. After a 2 hour drive, we are there. I can't believe my eyes the stuff, the vendors, the people-oh my, the people.

The farmers market area had about 100 vendors, the antique & flea market had well over 350 booths and the art & crafts an amazing 850 booths. There were over 1,300 booths covering more than three miles of booth frontage -You can "Shop 'til you Drop"!

The antique and flea martket area was by far my favorite area. I could have dug through the piles of stuff all day. I picked up a couple items. These are the larger of the items. I love these really cool looking shutters, this huge white shelf will be going in my craft room soon, and a plate rack which is really more of a display for layouts. These are big pieces and we had to make a couple trips to the car to unload my finds so I could keep my hands free-ready to grab.

These are some of the smaller finds. I really loved these sissors, they must be really old. They are heavy and have beautiful detailed scroll work on them. I found some vintage trim and old buttons. Perfect finds for scrapbooking. I was looking for old music sheets, old window frames and old postcards but no luck on those.

Hitting nearly 80 we find a cool place in the shade to eat our lunch. This is me and my sister-in-law Ruth.

Here's the rest of our group:

Just a couple more photos taken throughout the day

I can't wait for next year cause now I know what to expect. (Note to self: start saving now!)

Thanks girls I had a great time!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Kiss on the Chic design team

I'm so excited to announce I made the design team for A Kiss on the Chic scrapbooking kits
( along with these other talented ladies: Debra Famularo, Norma Kennedy, Chrissy Le and Christy Spruiell. I look forward to working with group of ladies. It truly has been an honor to be chosen and I want to thank Laura for this wonderful opportunity.

A Kiss on the Chic kits are beautifully put together with a little vintage flair added to them. Be sure to take a peek at the kits for September ( I have to say they are gorgeous!

You can see the annoucement here: (

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Art Journal Class

The supplies are purchased, registration is paid, all I have to do is wait til the class doors open (so to speak).
Something I always wanted to do is make an art journal, but I really didn't know where or how to start. So you can imagine my surprise when one of my favorite online teachers, Debbie Hodge was offering an art journal class on her site. You can view the class description here: There is still room so sign up, the more people the more inspiration we will get from each other. I have followed Dina Wakley's work in the past, she is extrememly talented and it shows in her work. So stay tuned closer to the end of October and I will be posting some of my work.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So here goes my first post... first post as an offical blogger that is!!! I have always been a fan blogs, I enjoy reading them, learning about others, viewing the creations others have made. But really I never though I would have my very own blog.

Now you maybe asking what is she going to do with this blog? I'll tell you, I will post my creations, the pictures of my children and all the fun things we do and places we go.

I have been trying to figure out the whole setup and that my friends might take a little time. My main goal tonight was to find a header/banner that fit my style and I loved the pencils. So please bare with me while my -yes my blog is under a bit of construction. So until next time...